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Virginia Hamilton (A) and Diane Dillon and Leo Dillon (Cover) Symmeon Shimin (ILT)

List Price: $6.99 (Paperback - Small Town /Farm / Friendships - 2006)

Description: Well spend the whole summer on the farm with Uncle Ross. I ought to make up something special just because weve never ever gone alone like this! And the first thing Elizabeth does is give herself and her younger brother, John, new names -- Geeder and Toeboy.

The farm is special too, with its pump house, pond, and especially the prize razorback hogs that belong to Nat Tayber and his daughter, Zeely. Zeely Tayber is tall and dignified, unlike anyone else in the small town. Geeder is fascinated. And when she finds a picture of a Watutsi queen who looks like she could be Zeely twin, Geeder knows she is in the presence of royalty. (128 pgs) Ages 9 -12

Ashay says, "I love the cover of this book. Everything Virginia Hamilton writes is great literature. It received high reviews and one sixth grade teacher said that her students thought it was one of the favorite books in the classroom library. Gotta get it for your library and classroom."

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ISBN: AAFA978-1416914136

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