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Who Was Jesus?
Who Was Jesus?

$ 5.99

Who Was Jesus?

Ellen Morgan (A) and Stephen Marchesi (ILT)

List Price: $5.99 (Paperback - Biography / Religious Icon - 2015)

Description: This fascinating addition to the best-selling Who Was...? series does not settle questions of theology. Instead, it presents young readers with a biography that covers what is known historically about Jesus and places in his life in the context of his world when Jerusalem was part of the Roman Empire. In an even-handed and easy-to-read narrative, this title IS illustrated with eighty black-and-white drawings and also explains the early origins of Christianity and how it became a major religion. (112 pgs) Ages 8-12

Ashay says, "I was surprised to see this chapter book, "Who Is Jesus?", but I thought i would add it because it is a biography. For many families, Christianity and its teaching is their way of life. And I am sure they will be happy to see this title included in this series. Inquiring parents, add this book to your collection today."

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ISBN: AABA978-0448483207

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