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Sitting Bull Remembers
Sitting Bull Remembers

$ 16.99

Sitting Bull Remembers

Ann Turner (A) and Wendell Minor (ILT)

List Price $16.99 (Hardcover - Native American Indian Chief /Sioux - 2007)

Description: Sitting Bull of the Hunkpapa band of the Sioux Nation was a warrior, a visionary, a horseman and hunter, and a man who had a deep affinity with nature. Above all, he is remembered as an extraordinary leader who fought for the freedom of his people and helped to preserve their spirit, even in a time of great tragedy.
Chosen to be the war chief of the Sioux Nation in 1869 as battles with the United States government increased, he resisted the white soldiers who threatened to exterminate his people, their claim to the land, and their entire way of life.

From the acclaimed author and illustrator of Abe Lincoln Remembers comes an unforgettable fictional portrait of Sitting Bull, looking back on the events that shaped his life and fate. Historically accurate, powerfully evocative paintings and words are as moving as the story they tell. (32 pgs) Ages 9 -12

Ashay says, "Sitting Bull is one of the most memorable Native Indian Chiefs. This is a great book about his life. He was a powerful man because he stood his ground and spoke the truth. It was always about holding onto their original ways. And keeping with their traditions. One Native American saying that I love is, "Leave the earth as you found it." Add this book to your library."

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