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Nappy Hair
Nappy Hair

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Nappy Hair

Carolivia Herron (A) and Joe Cepeda (ILT)

List Price:$6.99 (Paperback - Hair / Self Esteem / Family - 1998)

You sure do got some nappy hair on your head, don't you? Well.

It's your hair Brenda, take the cake. Yep.

Description: In a unique and vibrant picture book that uses the African-American call-and-response tradition, a family talks back and forth about adorable Brenda's hair--it's the nappiest, the curliest, the twistiest hair in the whole family. The family delights in poking gentle fun with their hilarious descriptions, all the time discovering the beauty and meaning of Brenda's hair. Soulful, funny, full of rhythm, and bursting with family pride, Nappy Hair is accessible to people of all ages. Joe Cepeda's colors are ripe but youthful, sweet but bold--with lots of kid appeal. A must for reading aloud, Nappy Hair is a meaningful and completely captivating reading experience. Nobody who has nappy hair--or know someone with nappy hair--will be able to forget little Brenda! (32 pgs) Ages 4-8

Ashay says, "I love this book. All of our hair types are "good hair" and we must teach this to our children so they will love their hair. But what everyone wants is big thick hair. Cute story and great art. Buy this book for the classroom and library and let's celebrate Nappy Hair!"

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ISBN: AAFC978-0679894452

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