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Ronde Barber (A), Tiki Barber (A) and Paul Mantell (ILT)
Ronde Barber (A), Tiki Barber (A) and Paul Mantell (ILT)

$ 5.99

Go Long!

Ronde Barber (A), Tiki Barber (A) and Paul Mantell (ILT)

List Price: $5.99 (Paperback - Series: Football / Identical Twins / New Coach / Team Spirit - 2008)

Description:It Tiki and Ronde second year on their junior high school football team, the Hidden Valley Eagles. The eighth-grade season is here, and the boys have come together as a team. Now key starters, Tiki and Ronde are ready for a great season, and with hard work and determination, maybe they will even go all the way to the State Championship!

But when Coach Spangler announces that he has been asked to move up to the high school team, and Mr. Wheeler, the science teacher, is tapped for the head coaching job, the season seems over before it begins. Sure, Coach Wheeler played college football until he was benched by an injury, but it just isnt the same. Tiki wants to give Coach Wheeler a chance, yet the team loyalties are divided. What does a science teacher know about the game of football? Can the team work together, get behind their new coach, and play smart? (160 pgs) Ages 9-12

Ashay says, "There is always room for another Football story. Especially when it is Tiki and Ronde Barber. A followup to their first book, Kickoff, in this one their is more strategy and the team has to work together to win. Also for the rookies there is a glossary of football plays and terms. Must have for the library and classroom. Go team!"

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ISBN: SPOR978-1416985730

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