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Celia Cruz, Queen Of Salsa (Book & CD)
Celia Cruz, Queen Of Salsa (Book & CD)

$ 19.95

Celia Cruz, Queen Of Salsa (Book & CD)

Veronica Chambers (A) and Julie Maren (ILT)

List Price: $19.95 (Hardcover with CD - Cuban Singer / Queen of Salsa - 2005)

Description: Everyone knows the flamboyant, larger-than-life Celia Cruz, the extraordinary salsa singer who passed away in 2003, leaving millions of fans brokenhearted. indeed, there was a magical vibrancy to the Cuban salsa singer. to hear her voice or to see her perform was to feel her life-affirming energy deep within you. relish the sizzling sights and sounds of her legacy in this glimpse into Celias childhood and her inspiring rise to worldwide fame and recognition as the Queen of salsa. Her inspirational life story is sure to sweeten your soul.

This picture book biography focuses almost exclusively on the vocal talents of the famous Salsa singer. As a young girl growing up in Havana, Cuba, Celias job was to sing lullabies to soothe the small children in the family to sleep. Her voice was praised by relatives and neighbors, and in her school years she sang in shows and clubs, flavoring Afro-Cuban rhythms with the zest of the tropics. Although her father loved his little songbird, he urged her to concentrate on her studies so she could become a respected school teacher. However, one of her teachers encouraged her to try to succeed as a singer and Celia decided to take that chance. When faced with criticism, she determined that she sang, not for fame and fortune but for her parents, her little brothers and sisters, the ancestors, and the saints. By 1960, Celia was famous throughout Cuba. She moved to Hollywood, knowing that the political situation would no doubt make it impossible to return to her beloved homeland. Celia continued to sing like a bird, bringing salsa music to the rest of the world. A glossary and a selected discography are included. (40 pgs) Ages 6-10

Ashay says, "Beautiful art illustrations by Julie Maren! I remember hearing about Celia Cruz growing up, but I was not aware of her importance to Salsa music. She was the voice. She was the music. This book will be an inspiration to many Black, Cuban and other Spanish speaking people. Add it to your library today."

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ISBN: SPAN978-1430102830

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