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Bound for America
Bound for America

$ 50.00

Bound for America: The Forced Migration of Africans to the New World

James Haskins (A) and Kathleen Benson (A) Floyd Cooper (ILT)

Ashay's Price: $50.00 (In Demand / Out of Print)

List Price: $18.99 (Hardcover - African American History / Middle Passage - 1996)

Description: Between about 1500 and 1850, millions of Africans were captured and transported across the Atlantic in one of the most tragic ordeals in human history. In this objective and profoundly moving book, Haskins and Benson open with discussions of slavery throughout history and of Europe and Africa at the time the African slave trade began, then closely examine every aspect of the Middle Passage. Included are sections on capturing the slaves, the march to the coast, the selection of slaves for purchase, conditions on slave ships, and slave revolts aboard ship. Illuminated with historic, photographs and Floyd Cooper compelling paintings. Timeline, bibliography, map, and index included. (48 pgs) Ages 7 -12

Ashay says, "This book is one in a series. The first book, African Beginnings is also well written and presented for young readers but is now out of print. I think the cover of this book will horrify many young people today, because it shows an African person in bondage. Yes, and this type of cruel punishment is what some of our Ancestors had to endure when they were enslaved sent throughout the diaspora. This book is full of factual information and some very graphic illustrations. Never forget, teach and add it to your library. This book is now out of print. I have only one copy for sale."

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