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School / Organization Name      Location       BOOK FAIR TRACKING CODE  Dates

BOYS IN THE HOOD BOOK CLUB        Sacramento        BNTH           Nov 2018 - 2019

"Boys In The Hood" Book Club is a reading club for African American Males Ages 8-12.   It was started by Dana Maeshia and other parents and activists in Sacramento. This Book Club was created so that these young boys will have more exposure to read and learn about their own culture and history.  We are doing this book fair because we need your support. We will list the books we need for our readings and you can purchase them separately online.  When you add the tracking Code BNTH with your order we will ship all the book(s) FREE.  The Ship to Address to enter for your order is the following:

  • Boys In The Hood Book Club                                                                           
  • 2251 Florin Rd 
  • Sacramento, CA.  95822                                                                                     

      Listed below is the Book Title and Quantity that is needed for their next reading(s).  Our group size right now is about 20 students.  We will update the quantities as needed.  Your support is much appreciated.  

      The club meets from 6-8PM and is located at 2251 Florin Road in Sacramento.  For more information contact: Dana at 916-710-2127


      To Book Your Event Call 1-844-543-7732