Ashay by the Bay Onsite Book Fair

The Most Fun and Educational                                                                                                                 
An Ashay by the Bay Onsite Book Fair is probably the most fun and educational but it does require a little more planning. It can be held for 1 to 2 days and needs to be scheduled 4 to 6 weeks in advance. This prearranged event also requires a $500 minimum order, which can be created from show sales, preorders and commitments from parents and teachers.  This type of book fair can only be scheduled for the Bay Area of California.  Approval is also based on distance and sales potential. The registration fee is $35.
How Does It Work                                                                                                                              
Your Event Coordinator and our Sales Representative will customize your book selection and manage the event. The majority of the books selected can be seen in our online collection. It is really important to start promoting early and use Social Media to reach your supporters. To help with advertising, we will provide an online listing and supply you with a promotion kit that includes posters and a wish list.
Planning and Set Up                                                                                                                  
Generally, you can expect the wire rack displays and books delivered on the day of the event along with a Master Inventory List. Setting up the displays takes a few hours so please allow enough time. For a two-day event, books will be restocked the second day. At the end of the last day, books need to be placed back in the containers to be returned by the sales representative. All sales receipts will be counted and the pre-closeout form completed. Within 10 business days you will receive a commission check for payment to settle your account. 
Purchases can be made with cash or credit card via our wireless merchant machine. If for some reason, a book is ordered that we cannot supply we will promptly refund the customers money. But if we ship an item and the customer wants to return it. There are no refunds. They can only exchange the item for the same item. Customers should allow 2 weeks maximum for delivery.
Maximize Your Earnings                                                                                                                            
At an Onsite event, you can maximize your sales dollars. Family, friends and supporters can purchase books and then donate them to your school. In addition, you can choose to do a Combination Onsite and Online Book Fair. Doing so should really increase your sales. For an Online Book Fair we will provide a Book Fair Code that can be used online at checkout. This Code will be listed on our website with your listing. These sales are automatically tracked and tallied by our shopping cart. This event can run for 15 or 30 days.
Ashay’s Power Profit Plan
$1 - $1999 Earns 10%
$2000 - $7000 15%    
At the 15% level, you will be paid 90% of the total commissions earned. The other 10% of your earned sales commissions will be paid in books from our product selection (at the suggested retail price). You will also receive a bonus gift valued at $50. The maximum retail sales that can earn commission is $7000. (Please keep in mind that major school purchase orders cannot be added to book fair sales. Because they require 30-day terms.) Example: Sales = $7000 15% Commission = $1050 Your Payout = $945 Cash and $105 
Ashay by the Bay Book Fairs Promotion Kit
  • 6 Color Posters 18 inches x 24 inches
  • Custom PDF Flyer (to email or print) optional
  • Wish List Form
  • 10 Business Cards
  • Student "I Want to Buy" Title Cards to Take Home to Parents (Sample Sheet) 
Registration Form
Download and complete the registration form and email or fax to 707-557-3585. Payments can be made online or by check or money order to:  Ashay by the Bay Book Fairs P. O. Box 9388 Vallejo, CA. 94591   Once your event is confirmed we will promptly mail your Promotion Kit so that you can get started planning your event. If you have any questions or suggestions please call us at 1-844-543-7732.  click here to download