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 New Book Program and Buzz Box

This is a New Book Program created just for you.  This program in addition to the The Buzz Box is designed to support new and current authors and illustrators sell, promote and distribute their book.  Because we have the Largest Independent Selection of African American and Multi-Cultural Children's Books online, we are contacted daily to add new author's books to our collection. We want to support new authors and illustrators, but we generally carry only books that meet our criteria for quality of content and illustration, price, popularity and availability that fits into our collection.  Also we are especially interested in books that focus on black children, so please keep that in mind.

To participate in the New Book Program you must first have your book reviewed for acceptance into our collection.  So, if you are interested, please follow the 4 steps below to expedite your review.   If your book is already in our collection and you want participate in the New Book Program, just call 707-557-3585 and or email us at so we can get your book scheduled.  


Step 1.  Send a copy of your book to this address:                    

Ashay by the Bay P.O. Box 9388 Vallejo, CA. 94591 Attention: Deborah Day

Step 2.  Include the following: Book Title, Author and Illustrator Name, Book Price, Wholesale Price, Book Theme, Target Market/Age Category

Step 3.  Include Contact Info: Name, Email, Phone Number and Address, Website, Publisher Name

Step 4.  Once we review your book we will contact you by if your book is accepted into our collection. If your book is accepted you have the opportunity to be featured on our front page in The  Buzz Box.  This space in designed to help create a buzz about you and your book. If you are interested in participating in our program let us know so we can collect payment and schedule your promotion date.  At that time you will also need to provide us jpeg images of yourself, your book and a brief author bio and description of your book   Please note that if your book is not accepted we will return it only if you include postage and a return address.  

By featuring your book in The Buzz Box on Ashay by the Bay you will gain visibility on and offline, as we focus on your book and personally promote it to our customers, clients and at events.  Our events include book fairs, educational conferences, community shows and festivals.  Our main goal is to help you create the buzz and generate sales.   Once you decide on your plan, please call us so that we can schedule your book promotion.  Here is what the New Book Program has to offer. Online 13 years Name Brand and Positioning

Approximate Number of Visitors: 50 -125 per day

Client Customer / Client Base: Principals, Admin Assistants, Librarians, Educators, Parents and Children

Feature Window Front Page: Includes Author/ Illustrator Bio and Books, Your Website LInk and Buy Now Button

Online Promotion: 2 Weeks

Category Listing: Includes Personal Review and Social Media Links to Twitter, Facebook, etc.

ABTB Data Base: Product Added to Current Data Base of over 2500 Books

ABTB Online Selection: Product Added to 400+ Online Inventory

ABTB Book Cost: Min. 40% Discount (Or Other Agreed Terms)                                                      

Purchase Order: ABTB will place a minimum of 3 books on first order                                                                                                       

New Book Program (Plan A)

Cost: $40 per week x 2 Weeks  =  $80 Investment

The Main Focus: Will be on Visibility and Promotion to Generate Sales.   

New Book Program (Pan B)

Cost: $75 per week x 2 Weeks  =  $150 Investment

The Main Focus: will be on Visibility and Promotion to Generate Sales and Create Distribution Within Public and Private School Market

Personally Promoting Your Product at Events: Top Shelf Priority and Placement for 30 Days from first Day Book Displayed Online  

Book Signing Opportunities: Will Inform Author/Illustrator of Book Signing Events If Available for 30 Days

Promotional Materials: New Book/Product May be Added to ABTB Promotional Materials (Flyers etc.)

Distribution: Will Seek Distribution for Author/Illustrator Book(s) and Recommend to Schools and other Clients During Regular Course of Business

Basic Promo Agreement Provided