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The Secret Science 0f Black Male & Female Sex
The Secret Science 0f Black Male & Female Sex The Secret Science 0f Black Male & Female Sex The Secret Science 0f Black Male & Female Sex

$ 20.00

The Secret Science 0f Black Male & Female Sex

T. C. Carrier (A)

List Price: $20.00 (Paperback - Self Help and Motivation / Kemetic Sex / African Culture - 2011)

Description: While participating in sexual intercourse, the author was transported to an unseen dimension where he encountered an ancient, Afrikan goddess. She enlightened him on the sacred and secret science of sex. This book is the result of the author encounters with her.

In ancient Afrika, there was no separation from the word God and nature. To know God meant to understand how nature operates. Energy can be divided into masculine and feminine principles. Once we understand how these energies work in nature, we can fully overstand the roles men and women play as the foundation that holds the Universe in a delicate balance.

This book was written based on ancient Kemetic science for the upliftment of the Black race. We are being ushered into a new Age of consciousness where the feminine spirit will rule for the next 2,000 years. If one cannot make the transition into this higher consciousness, one will be left behind. Have this Inner G work for you instead of working against you! (360 pgs)

Ashay says, äóìT.C. Carrier has written a wonderful that all African American adults should read. I like it because it puts a fresh focus on relationships and sex, from an African centered consciousness. An extensive book with lots of good practical advice and sound bites of Kemetic knowledge and wisdom. Excellent. Must have for your home library.äó?

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