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Black Panthers for Beginners
Black Panthers for Beginners

$ 15.95

Black Panthers for Beginners

Herb Boyd (A) and Lance Tooks (ILT)

List Price: $15.95 (Paperback - African American History / Black Panthers / Civil Rights Era 2015)

A crowd of onlookers gawked from the sidewalk as four young black men dressed in black leather jackets and berets leaped from a Volkswagen, each of them wielding shotguns with bandoliers strapped across their bodies. The young men surrounded two white police officers who had accosted a black man and had him spread-eagled against a building.

The young men did not say a word as the police officers watched them nervously, their eyes fixed on the shotguns. One of the young men held a large law book in his handäó_This was the Black Panther Party in ideal action. The real story--the whole story--was both more and less heroic.

So begins Black Panthers For Beginners. The late 1960s, when the Panthers captured the imagination of the nation's youth, was a time of regulation. While their furious passage was marked by death, destruction and government sabotage, the Panthers left an instructive legacy for anyone who dares to challenge the system.

Herb Boyd has done exhaustive research, examined the claims of all parties involved, and boiled the story down to "the truth." We believe this is the most truthful book on the market, but each Panther has his or her own story to tell. We suggest that you check out the stories of all the Black Panthers.

Ashay says, "I like this graphic style format for The Black Panthers for Beginners. The Black Panthers, were formed to provide a voice for social justice in the black community against theoppression of black people. They first began in Oakland, California at Merritt College by student activists, Bobby Seal and Huey Newton. They supported the community in a lot of positive and non-violent ways until they were shut down by the Federal Government. Many people have been mis-educated on the purpose of the Panthers and their legacy. To be certain, they are an important part of African American history. Must have for the classroom and the library. Teach!"

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